A Cloudy Day

In a Cloudy Day, students will discover what role clouds play in the water cycle by reviewing how clouds form. They will learn about and observe different types of clouds to discover how clouds are named. Through ongoing observations of cloud formations and current weather patterns, students will draw conclusions about how clouds affect our weather. Through participation in NASA’s S’COOL Rover program, students begin to understand why scientists study clouds and be able to participate in one of NASA’s Earth Observing System missions. It is recommended to register for NASA’s S’COOL Rover program at least one week before starting this lesson. After registering, teachers will receive observation report forms, a Satellite Overpass Schedule and a S’COOL Introduction Packet to begin the program. Actual ground observations will vary depending on Satellite Overpass Schedule. It is recommended to do ground observations for the S’COOL Rover program after this lesson is completed to provide students prior practice at observing and identifying clouds.

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